Thursday, August 27, 2009

I transform

I feel strange,
Looking at the reflection,
So full, so bright,
The moon looks menacing tonight.

It is cold, so very cold,
Almost freezing I am in this water,
The air, all so ready to take life,
Rob me of it's warmth.

Yet, I feel not like leaving,
Instead an urge makes me stay...

My eyes start burning,
My chest heaves, about to burst,
As I fall on my knees,
I cry, I scream for help,
But there is no one in sight,

So much pleasure in such pain,
Know not what is happening to me...

Soon this all ends and I look down,
To see the reflection below,
An abomination stares back, and I ask,
Is this the real me.

Liberated I feel, my rage reigns supreme,
Such brute force,
Such lust for blood,
Ready to kill, I must be.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Nightmare

Love filled her eyes,
As I kissed her before sleep,
Gracious she was, she said,
To have my affection to keep.

I smiled, said nothing, thinking...
Cherish it dear, as you sleep,
Things will change, any time now,
And then I shall make you weep...

She said I never told her,
Shattered she was to see,
How there stood a monster,
Where I once used to be.

It was then that I said it again,
And she remembered having heard,
Not so sure, when, where,
As if in a dream she thought...

"Be not betrayed when it's calm,
'Cause that is when you must look out,
For the one who shall come along,
Setting it all ablaze, charring,
Destroying all you once held dear."