Friday, September 20, 2013

Moving On...

I suppose it is time,
The clock is not ticking anymore,
May be I just do not care if it is,
Patience, dead in the water.

There is no pain,
No pictures on the walls,
A light, dim, slow, distant,
No wish to scream, no point.

So yes, just let it go,
You cannot stop it anyway,
I know it was nice, could be better,
But please, hold it no more.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

First of Ten...

This is the beginning,
As I stand right outside,
The first circle,
Should I or should I not.

It has been tough,
Grueling and tiring,
Yet, I am here,
Still wondering,
What is the worth.

But no, I need to see,
Spent so much time I have,
I will never know, unless,
Pointless, utterly, it would be.

Decided it is then,
The first of ten,
Here I come, with all might,
Hope, the end is a pretty sight.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Fall and The Rise...

High and Mighty,
He stood there,
Tall and Strong,
Proud, smiling.

The day was bright,
Success, this was it,
He saw it clear, crystal,
Above everyone else.

Yes, all below him,
Indeed, the view,
Perfect at the top,
None, to blur it.

And then it happened,
Free fall, it was swift,
Deep, dark, cold,
Numb, deafening silence.

"What is this,
Dead, am I,
No, breathing I still am,
Where am I...

Wait, I cannot see,
Blind, I must be,
How can it be though,
I feel no pain."

So he wandered,
Yelling, screaming,
Crying out for help,
Until he stopped.

Sat down, wondered,
Eyes shut, body cold,
Mind, squirming with thoughts,
All hope was lost.

Time went by,
And he just sat there,
Blank, his thoughts empty,
He had embraced his end.

"What is that, footsteps
I must have gone crazy,
It cannot be, no,
Let it be."

But the sound drew closer,
Till finally it stopped,
And then he felt the warmth,
Her palm on his cheek.

"I have been looking all over,
And here you are,
All by your self,
Come, walk with me."

He gazed at her,
Who was she,
How could he see her,
Why only her.

"Go away, let me be,
Why have you come for me,
Do not give me a glimmer hope,
Let me perish in my misery"

She stopped,
Turned around,
Kissed him on his forehead,
Then slapped him tight.

"Listen to yourself,
Dejected, depressed,
A shadow you are,
Of who you used to be.

Remember, think back,
The pride, the glory,
The struggle to the top,
Your reign supreme.

I am here to pick you up,
I will see you through,
And I will if I must,
Knock some sense into you."

She was angry, very angry,
He looked at her, he smiled,
Ready he was to begin his quest,
Even though, it might take a while.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

End of Line...

Don't go silent into the night,
Yell, scream and shout,
It is your right, take it,
Do what you have to, you must.

Days come and days go,
And I will go someday too,
But before before I go, I shall prevail,
And then I wont be to get you through.

True, tonight is over,
Another night, might never be,
Stick around I will though,
Till the need for me be.

Weak, very weak I am,
Yet strength I gather to bear,
Your tantrums, your taunts,
Support you while I am there.

Yes, soon, very soon,
I will be gone, you asked me to,
Give back whatever I got,
But won't take it all away from you.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Divine Con

"Ah what a beautiful day,
The sun's out, bright, warm,
The sky is blue as ever,
Splendid, just splendid it is."

He saw it happen,
For the first time,
As the day moved on,
And the night had risen.

"Brilliant, the Moon,
Perfect with the dark sky behind,
Black as the darkest blue,
Stars in proper randomness."

And the day passed, so did the next,
Each day the same,
Just as beautiful as the one before,
And the cycle went on.

"Well, all is good,
Brilliant, perfect, beautiful,
Yet, what is missing,
What is the point of all this.

I look at it all day,
And then the next,
But nothing happens,
Things go on as I planned.

This so not complete,
I am the only one who appreciates it,
All these creatures down there,
They are too simple to enjoy."

And then it hit him,
He needed someone like him,
Someone living among all other things,
Enjoying their existence.

"Yes, it has to be done,
I need to see what it is like,
To be happy, to enjoy,
I have to see it in someone else's eyes."

So he made two more beings,
In his image but quite different,
A woman and a man,
Complementing in all aspects.

And He did feel happy,
For a while at-least,
As he saw them sit and talk,
Wake up and sleep.

But the mood set in again,
Worse than before this time,
A tinge of anger in it all,
Frustration more than ever.

"They just talk, and then talk some more,
That's not what I made them for,
Do they not realize all the fun they can have,
And in turn create a world of their own.

Oh, indeed they do not,
I forgot to put it there,
The thought would never occur,
Not unless I help them out."

He had just stepped out,
When another thought occurred,
Not a very pleasant one,
A shade of doubt.

"This is not good,
This might not end up well,
What if they just keep at it,
Never do anything else.

I can't lead them to that,
Not me as myself at-least,
A villainy has to be the agent,
A guilty pleasure this must be.

Now, what should I do,
Who should I become,
What shall I say,
I am going to be sorry doing this."

So he did it,
He shape shifted into another being,
A body of exquisite form,
Not beautiful, yet extremely attractive.

Features sharp, lustful,
A look of malice,
A dash of mischief,
A grin, from ear to ear.

"Come here dear ones,
Come to me, speak to me,
Don't be scared,
I come with good tidings.

Look here, look at this fruit,
It is red, it is juicy,
Come relish it's taste,
Both of you, come."

They ate, ate and enjoyed,
Lost in it's taste,
They just kept at it,
Till their lips met.

Time froze, for them at-least,
A strange feeling it was,
Strangely satisfying, yet not so much,
They just wanted it, and more.

And so it happened,
Over and over again,
While he looked down,
Scathing his head.

"Poor things,
I wish I could let them be,
Enjoy this till eternity,
Alas, it is not meant to be."

He prepared to visit them,
A little guilty he felt,
Justified, in his actions,
And things to be done was he.

"What are you doing,
Dear children of mine,
Who put put you to this mischief,
What you are doing is crime.

I created you,
I made this world for you,
Enjoy my gifts, be happy,
But do not disgrace me."

They looked up at him,
And he could see,
The master plan in motion,
His goal achieved.

"Fine, I will be generous,
But just this once,
Allowed you are,
To enjoy the carnal fruit.

But you must remember,
This is immoral,
Set in motion by an evil,
Test not my patience you must.

Be damned the one who set you at it,
And so shall you if you forever keep at it,
Be aware of my kindness,
And forever be thankful."

Friday, February 15, 2013

In your eyes

I see myself,
And I like what I see,
Neither who I want to be,
Nor what some wish I was,
Just me.

In your eyes,
Which stare into mine,
Honest and loving,
Soothing and gentle,
They make me believe.