Monday, October 19, 2015

Writers' Block

The pen, slumber,
No wish to move,
Lazy, may be,
Bored, possibly.

Write, why should I,
Speak, feel not like,
Shy, not slightly,
Irritated, highly.

Words, stingy,
Tongue, twisted,
Mind, airy,
Appetite, lost.

Come, sit,
Wait and see,
Nothing at all,
Let it be.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

I must be!

Not scared, not of the Reaper,
Au contraire, he feared he would never come,
Wished not to live, he had no want for a morrow,
For he was full of fear, his mind twisted, his heart random.

But it was his nature, call him uncertain,
He said, "No, I wish to go not."
Stood there, the Reaper,
"You dare say no, to me you do!
Know you not, who I be?
Lowly knave, know your place,
You will come with me."

"Aware I am, of who you are,
Indeed I have forever longed,
For an appointment with thee.
But you must understand,
There is still much I need to see,
Places I need to be,
Incomplete is my deed.
I care not, if you do not,
I am going to, for I must be!"