Thursday, August 27, 2009

I transform

I feel strange,
Looking at the reflection,
So full, so bright,
The moon looks menacing tonight.

It is cold, so very cold,
Almost freezing I am in this water,
The air, all so ready to take life,
Rob me of it's warmth.

Yet, I feel not like leaving,
Instead an urge makes me stay...

My eyes start burning,
My chest heaves, about to burst,
As I fall on my knees,
I cry, I scream for help,
But there is no one in sight,

So much pleasure in such pain,
Know not what is happening to me...

Soon this all ends and I look down,
To see the reflection below,
An abomination stares back, and I ask,
Is this the real me.

Liberated I feel, my rage reigns supreme,
Such brute force,
Such lust for blood,
Ready to kill, I must be.

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