Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Fall and The Rise...

High and Mighty,
He stood there,
Tall and Strong,
Proud, smiling.

The day was bright,
Success, this was it,
He saw it clear, crystal,
Above everyone else.

Yes, all below him,
Indeed, the view,
Perfect at the top,
None, to blur it.

And then it happened,
Free fall, it was swift,
Deep, dark, cold,
Numb, deafening silence.

"What is this,
Dead, am I,
No, breathing I still am,
Where am I...

Wait, I cannot see,
Blind, I must be,
How can it be though,
I feel no pain."

So he wandered,
Yelling, screaming,
Crying out for help,
Until he stopped.

Sat down, wondered,
Eyes shut, body cold,
Mind, squirming with thoughts,
All hope was lost.

Time went by,
And he just sat there,
Blank, his thoughts empty,
He had embraced his end.

"What is that, footsteps
I must have gone crazy,
It cannot be, no,
Let it be."

But the sound drew closer,
Till finally it stopped,
And then he felt the warmth,
Her palm on his cheek.

"I have been looking all over,
And here you are,
All by your self,
Come, walk with me."

He gazed at her,
Who was she,
How could he see her,
Why only her.

"Go away, let me be,
Why have you come for me,
Do not give me a glimmer hope,
Let me perish in my misery"

She stopped,
Turned around,
Kissed him on his forehead,
Then slapped him tight.

"Listen to yourself,
Dejected, depressed,
A shadow you are,
Of who you used to be.

Remember, think back,
The pride, the glory,
The struggle to the top,
Your reign supreme.

I am here to pick you up,
I will see you through,
And I will if I must,
Knock some sense into you."

She was angry, very angry,
He looked at her, he smiled,
Ready he was to begin his quest,
Even though, it might take a while.

1 comment:

Navneet Nishant said...

awesome expression. seems like you have written your heart out, and yet it is written for not just you, for most of us.
defying silence!
terrifying darkness.
we all reach there someway or the other. we are humans! we fall! and often the fall is so swift, that we lost the track of who we really are. when we reach the bottom, its just us trying not to face the only one around, our own inner strength!

i loved this poem.

may the angels guide you to light again