Friday, February 14, 2014

An ode to the barbershop...Valentine's day

Thither thou art,
Thy doors wide open,
Welcoming as ever,
Not for me though.

Never imagined,
So painful, this change,
Never been before,
Will it ever be.

Oh Barbershop,
My Barbershop,
Cannot come to thee,
Do not know why yet indeed,
This day has come to be.

Last meeting,
Anger reigned over,
Rash, hasty, inconsiderate,
Messed up, I messed up,
It never came to me.

And there it was,
The crew cut,
No style, no frills,
A life sans thrills,
End of an era it was.

Drops shatter on the near bare scalp,
As I miss you when it rains,
Or when I ride along,
With no wind in my long gone hair.

Soon, if not sooner,
I shall make amends though,
All that's lost shall be regained,
A solemn promise I make, this Valentine's.

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