Friday, April 11, 2014

Rambling again...

The fate of man is a funny thing indeed. Written by his own hand, crafted by his own actions; yet he blames himself not. Circumstances, luck, chance, influence etc. is what he hides behind to name a few. When he errs he wants to take solace in someone's pity while he puts on a mask of his ego to hide his crippled belief in his own capacity. None can match him at beating his own drum; he can do no wrong, righteous he is, ever so much. Give him the resources and he can move a mountain, or so he claims. Yet when the time comes to take a side, the ground beneath him shakes. His constitution is weak, his demeanour fake, he can sell the world if it were for his sake. And hence the doom, the end certain…

Sons and daughters of Adam and Eve,
Forever they run,
Forever they hide,
Pleasure and pain,
Side by side.

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