Thursday, April 16, 2015

I must be!

Not scared, not of the Reaper,
Au contraire, he feared he would never come,
Wished not to live, he had no want for a morrow,
For he was full of fear, his mind twisted, his heart random.

But it was his nature, call him uncertain,
He said, "No, I wish to go not."
Stood there, the Reaper,
"You dare say no, to me you do!
Know you not, who I be?
Lowly knave, know your place,
You will come with me."

"Aware I am, of who you are,
Indeed I have forever longed,
For an appointment with thee.
But you must understand,
There is still much I need to see,
Places I need to be,
Incomplete is my deed.
I care not, if you do not,
I am going to, for I must be!"

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