Friday, April 1, 2011

The Guilt

"A sin, she has committed a crime,
A crime against the all mighty,
And she shall be damned,
Behead her, and bury her..."

"Father, please forgive her,
Only you can rid her of her sins,
She died because she loved me,
Please father...I plead."

"Plead not for the guilty son,
Earned a place in Heaven you have,
By fighting the holy war,
Let the devil have the sinners..."

And that was the end of it,
She had taken her life,
They took her body,
While I did nothing but cry.

It was I who was to blame,
I chose to fight the wretched war,
She waited for me to return,
Just could not take it anymore.


Anonymous said...


"effervescencia" said...

Ooooh, is this a sequel to the previous poem? It sort of goes, you know...

silencespeaksloud said...

@Udita: it has three parts...just up the finale

silencespeaksloud said...

@Sujata: what hmmmm????