Friday, April 1, 2011

The Contract

"God, please have mercy,
You know this is not right,
It is in your power, to show justice,
Place her soul by your side."

"She chose the end herself my Son,
There is no way I can help her now,
She blemished her soul by taking her life,
The Devil has my vow."

I got down on my knees, prayed to Him,
But he would not listen to me,
Out of choices, I knew what to do,
I went to the Devil to plead.

"Hmmm, let her go,
Why, help you,
Give me a reason,
Enlighten me..."

And then I repeated,
All that I had said to God, pleaded,
While he sat there and listened,
Listened and then laughed.

"You think I care about all that,
I run a business here, I trade in souls,
Get all that are flawed, faltered when living,
And then make them suffer, do my bidding.

Alas! You have failed in reason,
Now if you can, give me a price,
Tempt me, make me consider,
And then I shall see, if this was worth my time."

"I have nothing else to offer,
I have just me, and I stand here,
I shall serve you with all I can,
I shall for-ever do your bidding."

"Oh, that is really tempting,
A God fearing soul at my disposal,
And you say you shall do anything,
Are you so sure about that, unconditional."

"Oh, yes I will, anything,
Please, just promise to let her go,
Let her rest in peace,
That is all I ask of you."

"Very well then, you shall have your wish,
As I shall have mine,
You belong to me now, and will do as I say,
But worry not, enjoy it, you just might.

I grant you eternal youth,
You shall never fade, never age,
But your heart shall no longer beat,
Cold shall be your touch.

Over come by lust will any woman be,
Once she has lay an eye upon you,
She will want you above anything,
Forbidden you are to feel anything but love and remorse.

Eternal damnation would await such women,
And you shall consume their sin,
Feast on their blood, while they lie helpless,
Bound by your charm.

Only then will they be forgiven,
Granted redemption for their sin,
While you sins forever multiply,
And you keep sinking in my debt."


maXim said...

Damn nice !!
the vampire exists while cleansing sins.

silencespeaksloud said...


Anonymous said...

Dude, this is BRILLIANT. So glad to see that you're writing again!

silencespeaksloud said...

@Sujata: hehehe, thanks.

silencespeaksloud said...

@Sujata: btw, this is hte last of the trilogy. The two before this one are a part of it.