Thursday, December 20, 2012

Let It Be

Stand there, still, silent,
Watch, feel, percieve,
Better, it is that way,
Appreciate, I do,
When you smile,
While at a distance.

Questions unanswered,
Words unspoken,
Hope, wish, still alive,
Do not come near,
Do not speak,
Do not kill what I cherish.

That memory I still hold dear,
The person I still love,
A part of me still holds on,
To a part of my being that still thinks,
There is part of me you still like,
A part that is still not dead.

Do not poison it, let it be,
Your words are venom,
So just stay there,
Keep smiling, let me be,
Where I am, as I am,
The way I want to be.

1 comment:

Navneet Nishant said...

the sense contained in your poems are so direct! I am a fan!