Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fare thee well

Hey there, still hanging around are you,
Barely must I say,
Flimsy bonds, ugly memories,
Messing around again you are.

Goodbye, I said, tried to smile,
It hurt real bad while I did,
And when I looked back all I saw,
A coldness, I never knew.

Time flew, as did we,
Good riddance, I said to myself,
But not before long, did I have to see,
You crawling back again.

It seemed different this time,
A breath of fresh air almost,
Did not want to, yet I had to,
And knew you were smiling too.

Then it happened again,
That famous disappearing act of yours,
Disgusted, confused, but I always knew,
This wicked, evil side of you.

Be gone, old friend, be gone,
And take all of it while you leave,
It was good, still could be,
But it would take things you cannot do.

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