Saturday, July 12, 2014

I have the right...if I can

It was a bright day,
A sunny day,
Thought to himself,
Come what may,
Think in a hopeful way.

He had reason,
He had scope,
Long it had been,
Since he had seen,
His peace not elope.

Time moved on,
Quick yet smoothe,
Confident he was,
He could now see,
Toil had lead to fruit.

Alas, this was not to be,
Not so soon at least,
Questions were raised,
Past caught up,
His thoughts in haze.

Why, why now, now again,
To himself he said,
It was perfect, immaculate,
Alas, wish it was easy,
Dejected, he surrendered.

His mind was puzzled,
His heart heavy,
Will almost broken,
Deep in his gut,
A voice spoke muffled.

Do not, he whispered again,
This is not the time,
Fight, push, get up,
Reach out unfazed,
Work it out, for me and mine.

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