Thursday, August 28, 2014


Travelling can be a very profound experience. I have heard many say that but this is probably the first time I am noticing it (or may be this is just the first time I have had the sense to record the thought).

Anyway, it has been brilliant. I guess after eight months of a state which might resemble your brain being hurled around in a centrifuge, I had eight hours completely to myself. No thoughts of bother to give me company. Just one, of a certain someone, very dear, very loved, taking up the entire space within my head. The sublime feeling of uninterrupted indulgence in thoughts of that one person.

Flying out of Australia is a pretty unique experience in itself. As you leave Melbourne, you leave behind a city with a beating heart. It is bright, vibrant, lively! But as you move up north, the population grows sparse and accordingly dwindles the density of lights you see down below. I do not know if I actually saw it or it was my sleep deprived brain playing tricks, but I at a point, just before leaving the land mass, did see a ring of fire. It was magnificent! Once that was gone, the flight just had the company of stars. The sky was clear and the view from the tiny window epic. It almost felt being in a time capsule. You know you are moving, you know the clock is ticking, but the object you are looking at just lies there, staring right back at you. The whole experience was enhanced by a drink of whiskey and the never ending loop of the thought of that certain someone.

I did watch a very crappy movie which could have destroyed the experience (Transcendence, don't ever watch it). But a couple of other movies saved th day (Million Dollar Arm and The Grand Budapest Hotel). Anyway, now I am sitting at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport waiting for my next flight and utilizing the time and technology to dish out this text.

Good stuff!

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