Monday, December 15, 2014

His Fiery Cage...

His head was in a whirlpool,
His body stood still,
She was all he ever wanted,
She was now his eternal crime.

He had wings once, his glory,
He could soar high, his might,
Lived strong he had, his pride,
Bright as the sun he shone, his form.

A guardian, a man of the league,
The one to show them the way to light,
Help deliver them from dark,
The leader, he was set to be.

A woman, looked at him,
And she looked at him again,
Her want, her passion, her lust,
Take him, she knew, she must.

On a night, pretty, starry,
She stood at the crossroads,
Sure as ever under the moon,
Ensure, even more, for him to see.

White she wore, held a red rose,
Eyes had tears, she saw him come,
Knelt in dispair, she was patient,
That he would stop, she was sure.

"Lady, why do you kneel,
Alone, in this night, beautiful.

Lost, are you,
Or do you wait, for someone,
Is there something you seek."

She looked up at him,
A pinning gaze,
Smile filled her face,
Moon, shone in her teary eyes.

"It is you I wait for,
I have been, for long.

Adulation, utmost,
Respect, supreme,
Love, not warranted.

Take me, take my heart,
Let yours be mine."

This was new, confusing,
Pleasureful, yet it was,
Adulation he had seen before,
But this, not like this.

He somehow pined for it,
A want filled him,
Yes, she was it,
He knew, he loved.

She took him in,
Care, love, she gave him,
Balming her words, kept him calm,
Her touch, made him live on.

"Love are they not heavy,
Your wings.

You carry them around all day,
Night even,

Give them to me,
I shall keep them safe,
Take them when you need."

He obliged, it felt good,
For once, someone understood,
Someone was willing to share the burden,
Or so he thought, till he came to see.

"Love, I miss it,
My freedom.

I miss soaring high,
The drops of rain,
Shattering on my face.

My duty calls,
I promise, I shall be back,
Let me fly"

"No, I know,
You wish to leave.

Had enough you have,
Of me, of this,
To run away you want.

A choice you must make,
Either your wings, or me,
You must take."

He stood there, sad,
His love, it seemed, had shackeld him,
But the lives of many was at stake,
He knew he had to leave.

Took his wings,
He looked at her,
Went to kiss her,
She looked away.

Broken, he spread his wings,
Long it had had been since he did,
Took flight, a tear, a sigh,
The job had to be done.

Overcome by grief she was,
Abandoned she felt, worthless,
To see him gone, she could not,
Unable to bear, her life she took.

His sorrow, unfathomable,
Damnation for her, not ever,
To hell, the dead he followed,
To salvage her soul he hoped.

Alas! Long gone,
The innards of hell had taken her,
Was left nothing to seek, in the space, dark, dank,
A space full of shrill shreaks.

"Destroy you,
I will.

You took her from me,
No, I will burn you,
Obliterate your existance."

Wave after fiery wave,
His rage reigned supreme,
Hell did burn, and burned a lot,
But it was him in hell's siege.

"Impressed I am,
Your tenacity is extreme.

Yet, you cannot leave,
This fire you have set, shall never perish,
Amends are in order, I believe.

You came, unwelcomed,
I cannot consume you.

But your strength is unparalleled,
I can use you.

Rule this chaos,
Help me build.

Take my throne,
Be my king."

Reluctant, he had no coice,
A seat of hate, he did not enjoy,
With all the might and his rage,
He set to rule, the fiery cage.


Navneet Nishant said...

It paints a picture. So creative and so deep. Totally loved the write-up. Bravo!

neelav kumar said...

Thanks dude!