Wednesday, July 6, 2011


There he sat,
Atop a wall,
Staring at the setting sun,
When he heard him call.

"Hey Humpty,
What you lookin at?
All gloomy again,
Sad, cuz you are fat.

Oh yes, you are fat,
And they laugh at you,
When you walk past,
Call you the Egg don't they.

Suits you, I say,
You sure do look it,
All heavy, loaded in the arse,
With that puny little head of yours."

Humpty looked down,
He was fat, he knew it,
But what could he do,
He had always been so.

"Leave me in peace,
I do not need this right now,
Can't you see it hurts me,
Please just let me be.

Yes they laugh,
So let them laugh,
Fools they are,
It is best to ignore.

I could hit them, you know,
But that would not be right,
Mother says, violence does no good,
And she is always right."

"Ha ha ha, hit them,
You can't do that,
Not cuz mum says so,
But cuz you got no guts.

I challenge you,
Go hit one of those,
If not, just sit on one,
I bet that would do the trick.

Worthless, fool you are,
Cuz you make a fool of yourself,
And make me look stupid too,
Hiding behind mum."

Had enough, had Humpty now,
Red his face, filled with rage,
Fists clenched, ready to punch,
Stood Humpty, on the wall.

"Stop it, shut up,
Put an end to this gibberish,
Better than me, how's that,
What are you without me, Dumpty?

Go, die, drown somewhere,
Oh, but you can't,
You are no one,
You have no existence."

"No existence you say,
Want me to die, do you now,
Be that your wish,
That's how I want it to be."

And then it happened,
Slipped, flew, then hit the dirt,
The egg, cracked, mortally hurt,
Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall.


Nidhi said...

Awesome! :D

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